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What is Parent Coaching?

It is a transformative experience that goes beyond immediate problem-solving; it encourages individuals to evolve and break generational patterns, creating positive and lasting changes in their approach to parenting. Parent coaching is a collaborative effort that equips parents with practical strategies, enhancing their confidence and building stronger connections within the family.

Why Parent Coaching?

The motivation behind seeking parent coaching is fueled by a deep love for our children, driving a desire for effective, empathetic strategies in the face of contemporary parenting difficulties. Traditional discipline strategies, as revealed by scientific research, may prove harmful. Hence, the need for alternatives arises as parents aim to avoid resorting to yelling, threats, hitting, or punishment.


Develop the skills and strategies to effectively address everyday issues in your parenting.

You don't need to resort to yelling, shaming, threatening, hitting, or punishing your kids anymore.


Work with Tania

All services can be offered in Spanish / todos los servicios también se ofrecen en Español.

After booking your free 15 min consultation, you can decide which support package suits your family better:


Transformational Parenting Course (1:1)

Group Offerings Available 

  • 12  weekly coaching sessions  (60 min)
  • Additional email support
  • Workbook and access to pre recorded videos
  • Accelerated Transformation


Single 1:1 Parenting Coaching Sessions.  

  • 60 min session
  • Additional email support

In a world often centered around adults, the key to nurturing our children lies within us. By turning our focus inward, we empower ourselves to provide the understanding, guidance, and support needed to cultivate a thriving environment for the younger generation.

About Me

Tania Grinberg

Tania is a certified parent coach and mother of three, holds a Master's in Education from the University of Toronto. She was born and raised in Mexico City. With a rich teaching background and as a third-generation educator, she is committed to helping parents forge deep connections with their children. Tania's expertise includes coursework in a doctoral program at York U focused on Gender Feminist and Women's Studies, emphasising her dedication to fostering lifelong open communication within families.




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